Live a healthier life according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda, from Ayus (Life) and Veda (knowledge or science) is a holistic practice with its roots in India. Known as the sister of Yoga, Ayurveda works as a guide for optimum health.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Plans


A 60 minutes Online Coaching Session

Filipa will have a 60 minutes conversation online via skype or presentially, where she will assess your constitution and will be able to give you guidelines for a new lifestyle according to ayurveda. She will send a personalised doc with the results she found about you and your dosha type, as well as everything that you need to begin your new lifestyle. Filipa will support you through WhatsApp or e-mail with any doubts or questions you may have along the way.

A Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

an appropriate diet designed specifically for your dosha type

exercises to balance your body and mind recipes to help detox and rebalance your doshas

a number of procedures appropriate to eliminate your current imbalances

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Why Ayurveda?

Look, Feel, and Think Young

Ayurveda sees each person with a mental and a physical dimension. These traits are both linked to personality traits and to how the body (re)acts. Their interconnectedness is constant and made through three action principles known as doshas: vata (movement), pitta (metabolism)and kapha (structure). Each individual is an ensemble of these basic functions; practicing Ayurveda principles using the doshas as guides leads to the balance of the body and the mind.

Compassion and Love for Life

Your Ayurvedic journey becomes a spiritual one. Your nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, surroundings, relationships, and more… become medicine. Your eyes open to beauty, grace, and goodness of the world.

Plus, understanding the unique of everyone offers compassion. Your relationships will become deep, profound, communicative, and loving. You  will feel the magic of essence and become strong.

Mental Health is Physical Health

Ayurveda says that most diseases come from the mind. Through your Ayurvedic journey, you will remove inner-negativity and self-harming beliefs. You will cultivate the energy, awareness, and positivity to be happy – it’s your birth rite.


Improve your Quality of Life

Demystify your diet by providing clear instruction on what/how/when to eat

Cultivate Radical Self-Love

Pain Reduction or Elimination

Detoxification of your blood, organs, skin, thoughts, and beliefs

Stories from Clients

Amazing teacher!

“Thank you again, you are really a good teacher and a good vibes person, we were lucky to enjoy your classes so personal and in nature. Thank you for helping me in the journey for many changes in my life, with Ubud, Bali, a very special place for yoga 🙏”

Emilie - France


Awesome Experience!

“The yoga retreat was really great because it was a mix of practice and teaching about yoga philosophy as a way of life. It made it very interesting and complete.Furthermore, you managed time and the group very well.I really appreciated the location, the practice, the group dynamics and the organic meals. I felt relaxed, in peace and full of positive energy! Thank you, I will come back!


Sylvie - Geneve


It Really Surprised Me

“During a family holiday in Sintra we’ve spontaneously arranged a few private Yoga lessons with Filipa in our holiday house. What an amazing surprise it was, the yoga classes were definitely a highlight of our holiday! During some classes we were up to 10 family members from 13-70 years of age, some beginners, others more advanced. She managed, with her amazing teaching skills, that all of us learned a lot and we all left the classes feeling happy with our own progress, which is not given in classes with different levels. But she took the time to give individual advices to each of us. Furthermore we have a multicultural family speaking different languages (French, English and German). As Filipa speaks all languages, everyone could join her class. She is a beautiful and warm soul and we will continue to join her classes“

Lena Cossart - Munich

Pharmaceutical Industry

“I had never tried Yoga before and your classes just blown me away. All the ideas I had about the practice were wrong and now I feel I will never stop doing yoga! Thank you Filipa for being such an inspiring and fantastic teacher”



Gaylord  - Amsterdam

Harmonia! Foi em busca desta uma só palavra que fiz este meu 1.º retiro.

Em busca da fórmula, não mágica, mas o caminho para criar harmonia em Mim. 

Depois de 2 dias em que estive comigo e com outras fantásticas 17 pessoas, acompanhados por uma Mega professora, paisagem e comida, sei que caminho fazer!



Filipa - Portugal

Gostei muito das tuas aulas no retiro.

Achei extraordinário a forma como progressivamente explicaste os princípios essenciais para a prática, a respiração em ujjayi, os bandhas e os dristis. Aprendi muito.



Rosário - Portugal

Foi tudo tão intenso, tão mágico, com pessoas tão especiais! Tão bom conhecer-te! Entraste assim na minha vida – no melhor momento – e espero que não saias 😋 ainda estou a digerir e a ressacar das emoções 🙏🏼❤



Ana Rita Loureiro - Portugal

thank you for being an amazing teacher, and finally woken up the yoga soul in me! 



Fiona - France

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