The term Ayurveda, composed of the words Ayus (Life) and Veda (knowledge or science), is a holistic practice originated in India. Known as the sister science of Yoga, Ayurveda acts as a guide to authentic health. IT IS THE SCIENCE OF LIFE.

I discovered Ayurveda through the practice of yoga. It was a great liberation to solve the digestive problems that I suffered since I was a child. Yoga’s sister science is based on the uniqueness of each of us. It teaches us to live according to nature: simple gestures like not eating after 7pm, blessing the food when we cook or eat it, supports the expansion of health and awareness. Healthy nutrition is medicine and it is said that 80% of medicines are in the kitchen. A balanced, local and biological diet is the basis for a healthy planet and body.

Each person has a mental and a physical dimension. These traits are linked to one’s personality and how the body reacts. Its interconnection is made through the interaction of three active principles, known as doshas: vata (movement), pitta (metabolism) and kapha (structure). It is important to identify the predominant doshas. The discovery of each constitution results in a balance of body and mind in each day of our lives.

Are you a Vata, aerial and imaginative person? Or maybe a Pita person, fiery and focused? Or possibly even a calm and refreshing Kapha?

Ayurveda works best when combined
to a practice of yoga and meditation.

After a few years studying with Prem and Radha Carlisi in Bali and with Dr. K.S. Chitralekha at the Vedic Institute in Mysore, she graduated from the Vedic Institute and became an Ayurveda Consultant herself. Today Filipa studies and specializes in Ayurveda for women.


Discover your constitution and arrange a consultation with Filipa.

. interview via zoom lasting 1h15
. result with the person’s dosha and imbalances
. an appropriate diet designed specifically for the dosha type
. exercises to balance body and mind
. recipes to help detoxify and rebalance your doshas
. transmission of various appropriate procedures to eliminate the imbalance.