Om Swasti Astu.

Arriving at yoga suited my nomadic lifestyle. I was born in Portugal and in 1980, at the age of four, my family moved to Macau. I grew up traveling, discovering the world and different cultures. I learned to call more than one place home.

Being born into a traditional Portuguese family allowed me to have deep values, but not those of creating a spiritual routine. Macau offered me the seed for this energy: I was surrounded by incense, Buddhist temples, Catholic churches, Jesuit priests, fengshui. A gift for life that made me tolerant about difference and appreciate it.

I danced classical, jazz and contemporary most of my life. One day I felt more: I wanted to learn yoga. It was a very clear inner voice. In 2004, after some experiences that made me laugh today, I found Ashtanga Yoga. It was love at the first practice and this would become my tool to transform my life, strengthen my body and purify my mind. Ashtanga Yoga made me a new being. Myself.

After studying Law at the University of Lisbon, I worked for over 12 years as a mainstream news reporter at a private TV Channel and as a writer for magazines. In 2012, I returned to Asia. We lived in Ubud, the spiritual mecca of yoga, and I immersed myself in the latent spirituality that I had been carrying since I was a child. It was 4 years in Indonesia of a lot of growth and interior cleansing. I feel tremendous gratitude for this spiritual awakening in the green tropical forests of Ubud. Bali is my safe place.

When I returned to Europe in 2016 I continued my journey. The Yoga-me blog became a book, the lifestyle became life itself and the practice became my path.

Om Shanti.

My Vision and Philosophy

I envision a planet where humanity lives in harmony, peace and love. We are at a time of growth, of entry into a new world, they say, in a new planetary consciousness. More than ever these tools of inner peace, resilience that strengthen the immune system are paramount.

Maintaining an inner balance through the tools and medicines at our disposal such as yoga, meditation, good nutrition, an aligned lifestyle. Time for a dharmic life. To create a sacred space and ritualize life. Spend time in sadhana, in spiritual practice. And some surprises. Stay tunned.

The result is a balanced mind,
a simple life, full of meaning.
To be the change we want to see. In fact, there is no choice.

Open the heart

Unlocking emotional tensions gives each of us a clear understanding of our inner strengths and weaknesses, and makes room for the inner voice to speak. In this process and together as humanity we will lift and build the necessary heart-opening transformation. And worship, thank, and give back to Bhumi Devi, Mother Nature.

Om Shanti. 

Om Devi. 

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