Why Yoga?

Studies already prove it. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, have published a study that shows how a simple yoga technique reduces stress levels.

Yogis have long known that practices such as meditation or yoga reduce illness and make us feel good. But it is only now that scientists have been concerned with linking the benefits of spiritual practices to the effects on the body. All in good time. Now it looks like society is ready. It’s still resisting… this morning I went for exams and in a nice conversation with the doctor we were entertained with each other. When he asked me what I was doing and told me I was teaching yoga classes ahaha, they would have seen the face of disappointment. “But then, is that your formation?”, he asked, insisting on something more concrete in his way of seeing things. Yes, I studied law and became a journalist. «Ah fantastic and journalist where?». She was rested… after all, she was also doing something… but I said “now I do what I believe and where I’m needed”.

Because yoga changed me. Yoga has so many that the question should be reversed… why not do it. One of them is to grow up. I changed and grew up.

I owe a lot to yoga. At this stage that no one has yet figured out where we are going, when we are bombarded every day with decisions made by those who do not practice yoga or meditation, I wonder what the world would be like if everyone did. They say that those who meditate don’t make bad decisions. There may be seemingly less good decisions of course, but they are really just decisions that got us where we’re supposed to be. They are guidelines. Yoga teaches us to understand the path.

Yoga also gives us health, strengthens the immune system and works. And as the Sadhguru says: there is only one thing, we have to do it!!! Listen here.



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